Pneumatic injector puller

For professional car workshops

Seized and stuck injectors, caused by oxidation and rust, is one of the most common problems in diesel car services.

In most extreme cases, while removing the injector- the injector will break and the engine will need dismantling.

Today, the best solution for this problem is new Pneumatic Injector Puller!

This professional tool is specialized and suitable for all diesel injection systems. The Pneumatic Injection Puller removes 90% of the stuck and stubborn Common Rail injectors without dismantling the head of the cylinder.
Diesel injector extractor allows effective transmission of impact force and vibration to any adaptor with a M14 x 1.5 thread.
The strong construction of the tool, enables steady and rapid withdrawal so even the most oxidized and seized injector will come out with ease.

Patented and registered design.

Whether you're a professional mechanic or an enthusiastic DIY'er -The Pneumatic Injector Puller is perfect for you.


Made by professionals for professionals.

Buy your new Pneumatic Injector Puller for your workshop already TODAY from Karla Auto O.K. Ltd

Pneumatic Injector Puller is the best solution for removal of the oxidized and rusty Common Rail injectors!


Even the most oxidized and seized injector will come out with ease.


Injector extractor for professional car workshops or enthusiastic DIY'ers.


This design is patented and registered by Karla Auto O.K. Ltd.

Technical specifications

pneumatic extractor

Recommended pressure: 7…10 bar

Recommended flow rate of compressed air: at least 500 l/min

Inner diameter of a hose: not less than 7 mm

Hit frequency: 120 min-1

 Piston stroke: 43 mm

Fitting thread of the hammer: M14x1,5

 Dimension: diameter 83 mm, length 155 mm

Weight: 2,9 kg

LpA: 103,8 db

LwA: 115 db


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