About Us

Karla Auto meeskond

Karla Auto

Karla Auto O.K. plc was founded in 1991 in Karla village, Estonia. After moving several times in year 2008 we finally landed our workshop near Tallinn into freshly built 1700m2 Diesel Center. There are 17 people working in Karla Auto O.K. plc, and most of us worked here since the beginning of the company.

Our management values long term business relationships and that also includes employees. Everybody gives their best and feels as a part of a company.

The staff in Karla Auto O.K. has taken the small village farmhouse workshop to a well known and recommended Diesel Center for cars and heavy machinery. Due to the fast innovations in car industry, Karla Auto O.K. constantly invest into modern equipment. We are partners with many of the largest worldwide factories such as Bosch,  Stanadyne, Delphi etc.

Tough we are specialised in diesel engines, injectors and pumps- we gladly repair gasoline machines as well.
If there is a will.. there is a way!

Beside our own brand we also represent Bosch as an official Bosch Diesel Car Service and Bosch Diesel Center. For Bosch, Delphi, Stanadyne and Denso  we are also official factory representatives and provide warranty service. For the heavy machinery services we also have a service buss that helps customers all over the country. Karla Auto O.K. has a wide range of customers such as retail customers, car services, transportation companies, mining and forestry businesses, marine and so on.

Our Mission

We are qualified specialists and offer professional services. We always listen to our customers and try to find the best solution. Our cooperation partners are leading brands in modern car industries. We are customer-oriented and provide high-quality service on modern equipment. We are reliable. We give guarantee to all repairs we have made.

Our Vision

Our goal is to establish a long-term and reliable relationship with private- and business clients. We want to be customer’s first choice. Our daily efforts lead us forward so we can continuously invest into latest equipment. Our goal is to strive towards complete customer satisfaction and a solid partnership.