Diiselkütuse lisand

Official representative in Baltics is Karla Auto plc

ssuitable for all types of diesel engines

reduces emissions and smoke

improves the quality of the fuel

improves the lubricity

cleans the injections and pumps

helps remove the water

lowers the iceing temperature to -20C

doesn`t contain alcohol


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Diesel fuel additive

Stanadyne fuel additive`s main function is to ensure light and mild actuation for all types of diesel engines.


How to use Stanadyne`s Fuel Additive:

  • Pour the additive into the tank before fuelling;
  • Add 100ml of additive to the 50 l of diesel.

Caution! Diesel Fuel Additive is a chemical! Avoid any contact with your skin and eyes. Also avoid any contact with flame. Dont smoke while using the Additive!