DPF Karla Auto OK cleans DPF filters.

Karla Auto has 30 years of professional diesel engine repair experience.

5 years ago, in cooperation with Italian engineers, Karla Auto started developing DPF filter cleaning technology. Today we can proudly confirm that we have successed. We have cleaned over 5,000 filters and we can guarantee that the filter will be 100% clean after cleaning.

The technology we use is environmentally friendly and economical.

What is Diesel Particle Filter DPF?

Most modern diesel cars (EURO 4, EURO 5, EURO 6) are equipped with DPF filters and catalysts for exhaust gas cleaning. The main function of the catalyst is to clean the exhaust gases of harmful chemical compounds during the chemical process. The purpose of the filter (DPF) is to trap unburned soot and other solid particles (such as ash) in the exhaust. Diesel engines also use a combination of catalysts and particulate filters.
The amount of soot, ash and other combustion products accumulated in the soot filter is monitored by the car's control unit ECU (vernacular: brain) using various sensors. When the DPF soot filter is filled to the limit with soot particles, the exhaust gas temperature is raised to 600C, during which the soot accumulated in the filter is completely burned (regeneration). However, the ash remains in the filter, which clogs the fine channels of the DPF during prolonged operation.

There are various technologies for cleaning clogged filters.

Previously, it was common to clean DPF filters by incineration, during which the DPF filter is heated to 1500C. This temperature damages the ceramic structure of the filter and does not give 100% results.

We use FFSolution technology to clean the DPF filter, during which the ash and other solid particles accumulated in it are completely washed out of the filter. The filter is then dried with a steady stream of hot air (up to 70C). This technology does not damage the ceramic structure of the filter and is environmentally friendly. After such cleaning, the filter is up to 100% new. Based on our long experience, we recommend that the DPF soot filter be serviced annually to avoid unexpected problems on the road.

It is not recommended to completely remove / cut out the DPF filter from the car as it is punishable by law. After removing the DPF filter, the car no longer meets the car manufacturer's EURO standards.